There’s a lot to think about when renovating your home. You need to design your new space and add your personal style to the house. However, you should also incorporate substance, as well as style, when doing home renovations.

Consider how you can help the environment when making design choices. Here are 12 ways you can incorporate sustainability in your home renovation.

1. Use Reclaimed Wood 

Wooden decor can make your space feel cozy and give it a modern appearance. Plus, hardwood floors can increase your home’s resale value. Reclaimed wood saves resources since it’s repurposed from factories, old barns or retired ships. It also gives your home more character, and it’s more durable and stable than newer materials.

2.  Repurpose Materials 

Before you start any demolition as part of home renovations, decide what you want to save. For example, try reusing cabinets, light fixtures or flooring. Keeping these items prevents them from overcrowding landfills, where they release methane and contribute to global warming.

Reusing materials also saves you money. A home renovation can end up costing around $46,880, so every penny counts. You can easily give your cabinets a brand new look with some paint and updated hardware. If you want to save something but it doesn’t match the renovated space, you can still use it in another area, such as your guest room.

3. Donate Before Throwing Away 

If you don’t want to keep certain items, consider donating them. You can give outdated decor and furniture to Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity. Architectural salvage stores are ideal for larger pieces. If you have a friend who is redecorating, offer them your unwanted items.

Throwing away decor should be your last resort with all the options available. Instead, give your items new life while preventing landfills from collecting waste.

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